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Definition of "av" []

  • Abbreviation of ad valorem. (abbreviation)
  • Abbreviation of avenue. (abbreviation)
  • Abbreviation of average. (abbreviation)
  • Abbreviation of avoirdupois. (abbreviation)
  • Abbreviation of antivirus. (abbreviation) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "av" in a sentence
  • "TW, you do realize that your new av is not me but a guy I bust a cap in, right?"
  • "Orth'ris, me son, fwhat was the name av that place where they sint wan comp'ny av us an 'wan av the Tyrone roun' a hill an 'down again, all for to tache the Paythans something they'd niver learned before?"
  • ""Fwhat in the name av misfortune does this parrit widout a tail mane by shtoppin 'the road av his betthers?""
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