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Definition of "apposition" []

  • Grammar A construction in which a noun or noun phrase is placed with another as an explanatory equivalent, both having the same syntactic relation to the other elements in the sentence; for example, Copley and the painter in The painter Copley was born in Boston. (noun)
  • Grammar The relationship between such nouns or noun phrases. (noun)
  • A placing side by side or next to each other. (noun)
  • Biology The growth of successive layers of a cell wall. (noun)

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Use "apposition" in a sentence
  • "An alternative for 4a, assuming we mean Alia Shawkat to be in apposition, is to repeat the preposition:"
  • ""Choirs" is so obviously in apposition with "boughs" in the line above ( "Upon those boughs which shake against the cold") that I wonder how anyone could think to take it otherwise than "I am now an old man who not so very long ago was much like a blossoming tree in whose boughs birds warbled sweetly.""
  • "Thus the clause, "things which are not" (are regarded as naught), is in apposition with "foolish ... weak ... base (that is, lowborn) and despised things.""