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Definition of "appetent" [ap•pe•tent]

  • Eagerly desirous (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "appetent" in a sentence
  • "What is completely clear, however, is that appetent imperialists and yellow journalists were hungry for the war, so much so that they succeeded in bringing it about, including ugly extended fighting in the Philippines against the anti-colonialist guerillas whom the Americans were supposed to be there liberating."
  • "But on such a morning, apparently, with thousands of webs ready, there can hardly have been enough flies to go round; for we saw all the appetent spiders had emerged from their tubes and were waiting impatiently on the web itself -- as though the host should sit on the tablecloth waiting for his guest."
  • "The crash and scramble of that big, rich, appetent Western city she did not take in at all, except to notice that the noise of the drays and street-cars tired her."
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