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Definition of "antecubital" [antecubital]

  • Pertaining to, or situated in the anterior part of the elbow (cubitus) (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "antecubital" in a sentence
  • "A slim PICC disappears into me just below the antecubital fossa, and my whole lower arm is wrapped in a white mesh glove that looks almost like lace, and would have been cool back in 1983, when I was negative two."
  • "I know what you mean about the nerves in my wrists and antecubital space... the minute a blood tech gets near me my veins go into hiding long-term!"
  • "“They put in a pik line,” he would explain, “which is a special type of IV that went into the antecubital vein the vein on the inner side of the arm, at the elbow in order to give me intravenous feeding.”"