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Definition of "anhydrous" []

  • Without water, especially water of crystallization. (adjective)

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Use "anhydrous" in a sentence
  • "This acid may be obtained in a solid and dry state, called anhydrous sulphuric acid."
  • "To make (mix in fairly large container & outside) two parts by weight of ammonium nitrate mixed with one part by weight 'anhydrous' hydrazine, produces Astrolite G ..."
  • "Since the departure of the inspectors in 1998, Saddam has bought or attempted to buy specialized vacuum pumps of the design needed for the gas centrifuge cascade to enrich uranium; an entire magnet production line of the specification for use in the motors and top bearings of gas centrifuges; dual use products such as anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and fluoride gas, which can be used both in petrochemicals, but also in gas centrifuge cascades; a filament winding machine which can be used to manufacture carbon fiber gas centrifuge rotors and has attempted covertly to acquire 60,000 or more specialized aluminum tubes, which are subject to strict controls due to their potential use in the construction of gas centrifuges."