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Definition of "amentia" [a•men•ti•a]

  • Mental retardation. (noun)
  • Lack of development of intellectual capacity as a result of inadequate brain tissue. (noun)

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Use "amentia" in a sentence
  • "= Cretinism = is a form of amentia, which is endemic in certain districts, especially in some of the valleys of Switzerland, Savoy, and France."
  • "In dementia the mental aberration does not occur until the mind has become fully developed, thus differing from amentia, which is congenital or comes on very early in life."
  • "Sometimes the speech is adequate in amount but conveys little information because it is overconcrete, overabstract, repetitive, or stereotyped (poverty of content). amentia Subnormal development of the mind, with particular reference to intellectual capacities; a type of severe mental retardation. anosognosia The apparent unawareness of or failure to recognize one†™ s own functional defect apathy Lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern."