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Definition of "acroamatic" [ac•ro•a•mat•ic]

  • Abstruse, esoteric (adjective)
  • Oral; intended for listeners; applied to the esoteric teachings of Aristotle, those intended for his genuine disciples, in distinction from his exoteric or public doctrines (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "acroamatic" in a sentence
  • "The former -- discursive proofs -- ought to be termed acroamatic proofs, rather than demonstrations, as only words are employed in them, while demonstrations proper, as the term itself indicates, always require a reference to the intuition of the object."
  • ""The 5: 01 Session" also offers seasonal and regional beers on tap for $4, as well as an accessible list of 16 wines by the glass for $7 each, featuring acroamatic wines from small, relatively unknown winemakers."
  • "n. - doctrine denying existence of universe distinct from God. acosmist, acroamatic adj. - esoteric, told only orally. acrocephalic"