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Definition of "acid-tasting" [acid-tasting]

  • Having a sour acidic taste (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "acid-tasting" in a sentence
  • "The smell of a new car filled her acid-tasting mouth."
  • "The ridiculous bender that had followed his Brits adventures, the hectic rehearsals, the weeks on the road had all passed in a blur of beer-soaked, speed-driven, coked-up, acid-tasting nastiness, and now suddenly he was sitting in his dressing room with a real person."
  • "Earth police were watching her; to them, she was a convenience maintained for outworld people, something like a soft chair in the Earthport lobbies or a drinking fountain with acid-tasting water for strangers who could not tolerate the insipid water of Earth."
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