You’ll Never Believe What This Historic House Looks Like Now After Being Restored to Its Former Glory


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While there are definitely some advantages to homes built in the modern day, it is incredibly hard to capture the style, personality, and charm that comes with old homes. Problem is, a lot of the homes that are older than a few decades can often start to experience some real wear and tear.And that was exactly the case for the house we are going to take a look at today. This home was originally built in 1887 in York, PA and was designed in the Queen-Anne style, which meant it featured a lot of elegant brickwork, as well as large porches and a ton of other great details.The five-bedroom home was built extremely well and likely could have still been easily livable if it would have had proper upkeep. But the problem was, it did not, so this is what they were left with. The once beautiful and magnificent home was now reduced to a crumbling and dilapidated mess. The house was likely about to be demolished until someone stepped in and stepped up to fix it.

Someone saw the potential that this house has (despite all the damage) and decided to restore it.


Even under all the dust and after all the years of resting there with no one caring about it, you could still see the beauty and detail in this 100-plus-year-old home. And while it did have potential, it was ruled uninhabitable at this point, but thankfully, that was about to be changed.

And after all the hard work, this is what the home looks like today. As you can see, it barely looks like the same house at all. Everything on the home has been restored with some amazing and inviting colors and tones. And while the outside looks amazing, the inside of the house has also been updated and looks just as good.

They salvaged what they could from the home and then replaced what they couldn’t. Each room has a different “feel” than the others and they are all gorgeous. Each room also has an old-school vibe to it, which gives it more personality than almost any other house you could find.

Currently, the house operates as a bed and breakfast (as it has five uniquely charming bedrooms). But the house would also be perfect for a family to call home. Oh, and the home is also for sale as well! This truly is one of the best examples of an amazing home transformation that just took the right person to undertake. No matter how dirty and grimy a home is, there is definitely someone out there who can bring it back to life with a bit of hard work.