Hey Now! The Wildest, Most Revealing Howard Stern Interviews


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wildest Howard Stern interviews

Source: YouTube/Bens 25

The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” is widely regarded as the greatest, most revolutionary radio host in the history of the medium. In his 40-plus years on the air — it’s been that long?! — Howard Stern has never been afraid to push the envelope and take chances, and that approach has paid off in the form of consistently high ratings, a cult-like fan base, and an iconic legacy — despite his career still going strong. One of the hallmarks of The Howard Stern Show is his ability to masterfully interview celebrities in a setting in which anything and everything are discussed. We’ve rounded up some of the wildest Howard Stern interviews from the archives for your pleasure. Once you sit on that couch, everything is fair game!

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(Note: We’ve excluded segments solely with regular cast members, so don’t look for Robin, Jackie, Baba Booey, Stuttering John, Artie, Sal, Richard, Fred, or the rest of the crew — past or present — on these slides. We’ve also kept out Wack Packers. We apologize to Beetlejuice, High Pitch Erik, Eric the Actor (RIP), Jeff the Drunk, and other such members of this exclusive club.)