Watch Spooky Footage of an Actual Ghost at a Haunted Fort in India


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There are things in the world that seem to be totally unexplainable like paranormal occurrences or supernatural events. Many people around the world are convinced that what we see with our eyes is not all that there is.

Videos and news stories surface all the time that lend further credence to the belief in the paranormal. That’s exactly the case with a video that came out of central India. Viewers of this video are claiming that this firmly establishes the existence of ghosts.


If you were hoping to sleep soundly tonight, maybe you should avoid watching the video! Many paranormal occurrences are caught at locations that have previously been associated with supernatural events. Gwalior Fort in India has been reported as haunted for years, and what happened there recently has only further developed that reputation.

Source: YouTube

Three boys were playing in the fort’s pond. While they swim and splash around, nothing really seems to be amiss. We hear eerie music that has obviously been added in after the fact, but besides that, it just seems like a typical scene from many people’s childhoods. All of a sudden, something flashes across the scene. It’s hard to say for sure that it’s some supernatural ghost, but it’s also hard to deny that something strange happened. Those that lean toward a belief in the paranormal will be quick to believe a ghost was present, but other people will likely remain skeptical. Incidents like this aren’t new for Gwalior Fort located in Madya Pradesh. It’s been around for roughly 1,300 years, and it’s been the site of numerous gruesome battles. With that in mind, it only makes sense that there might be some lingering ghosts, or at least that people believe there might be. Myriads of rumors swirl around Gwalior Fort, including one that there are secret areas buried underneath the fort and that these chambers are full of treasure. Rumor is that the treasure is cursed, and whoever finds it will receive a similar curse. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there’s no doubt that you agree Gwalior Fort is not a place you want to spend a dark night in! There are some spooky places in the world, and this fort in India is definitely one of them. Check out the full YouTube video below and decide for yourself if we’re dealing with an actual ghost or simply people’s imaginations gone wild.
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