From Whisky to Rare Diamonds, Check Out Sotheby’s Most Valuable Auctions to Date


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Source: Instagram/@yusaku2020

Sotheby’s has hosted some of the most valuable auctions ever. They began selling art in 1744 in London, and then expanded to New York in the 1950s, becoming the first international auction house in the world. They’d go on to expand to Hong Kong, India, France, and China not long afterward.

If you’ve got money to spend, today the multifunctional auction house presents auctions in 10 different salesrooms, hosting around 250 auctions annually. They have a “BidNow” program that enables people to view all auctions live online and place bids virtually. You can even bid by phone.

Before you go too far down the rabbit hole, though, check out this list of 15 of their highest-selling items.