Man Turns Volkswagen Beetle Into ‘World’s Smallest Hotel’


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The world’s smallest hotel is in the last place you would expect.

Located in the middle of the Jordanian desert is a vintage Volkswagen Beetle that claims to be the smallest hotel in the world. The super tiny room can accommodate up to two people and is full of hand embroidered pillows and sheets.
smallest hotel volkswagen beetle

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Mohammed Al Malaheem first created the miniature hotel in 2011 in a tiny village called Al Jaya. The village is right near the ancient Montreal Castle. The castle was first constructed during the 12th century. The tiny room sits at the foot of the castle. Visitors can check in at the cave “lobby” located right next to the room.
smallest hotel volkswagen beetle

Source: Travel & Leisure

Don’t worry about going hungry! Malaheem has filled the lobby with different types of local foods and beverages. Check out the video below!
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