Roommate Horror Stories: When Communal Living Goes Terribly Wrong


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roommate horror stories

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Most of us have lived with a roommate at least once in our lives, whether it was in a college dorm or when you first left home to strike out on your own. Before you live with another non-familial person for the first time, you tend to have some Hollywood-esque thoughts about what it’ll be like. You’ll be the best of friends, compatible in every way without a major disagreement in sight. And yeah, some people are lucky enough to find perfectly sane, respectful, fun roommates with whom to live out that fantasy. But not everyone is quite so lucky, and many people end up with enough roommate horror stories to write a novella. (Remember Brianna Brochu?! *Shudder*)

Even if you learn from your mistakes, develop cleaning schedules, and give thorough prospective-roommate interviews, you can still end up in a terrible living situation. But whether you have had the most amazing roommates on the planet or are still recovering from some communal-living induced PTSD years later, everyone can appreciate a good roommate horror story. It may not be fun to live through it, but it sure is funny to read about when it’s someone else’s life (sorry not sorry).

So grab a bowl of popcorn and settle in for all the drama as you read through these roommate horror stories. Some we found scouring the internet and social media, and some are personal. Have you had your own roommate from hell? Are YOU the terrible roomie in the equation? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to SHARE these stories with your friends!

Note: Most of these stories have been edited for space.