These Hilarious Recreated Childhood Photos Show That Some Things Never Change


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Recreated childhood photos

Source: Imgur

Recreated childhood photos show that, although childhood doesn’t last forever, it can always be re-lived on the internet!

These pictures show people reimagining their funniest and most adorable childhood moments as adults. It’s hilarious seeing these kids in all their awkward glory way back when, and seeing them now all grown up and … er … more mature. The lengths that some of the folks in these pictures go to in recreating the exact same image (from the facial expressions to the settings) is downright impressive. In other cases they miss the mark by a long shot, but the picture turns out hilarious anyway. It’s great to see that these kids grew up to have a good sense of humor about their childhood selves, and are willing to let their adult selves look a little silly as a result.

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