The Sad, Real-Life Story of the Man Who Played Sloth on ‘The Goonies’


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real-life story of sloth

Source: YouTube/Warner Bros.

The Goonies is one of the most beloved classics from 1980s cinema. Directed by Richard Donner (SupermanLethal Weapon), and written by Steven Spielberg (E.T., Raiders of the Lost Arc) and Chris Columbus (Gremlins, Home Alone), the film’s behind-the-scenes star power was matched only by its youthful and inexperienced, but nonetheless talented, stars on camera. Who didn’t have a favorite — Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, Data, Mama Fratelli… OK, maybe not her so much. But what about Sloth? How could you not love the sad story of Sloth, the deformed sibling left chained up in the basement? But maybe more tragic than his onscreen story is the heartbreaking real-life story of Sloth.

Sloth wasn’t an “elephant man.” He was a regular guy, at least in terms of looking quite normal. Who was he? He was a hulking six-foot, eight-inches tall, 300-pound professional football player with an unquenchable thirst for booze, drugs, women, and excitement, but those who knew him called him the “gentle giant.” But his formula for fun would lead to an untimely death. Discover the heartbreaking real-life story of Sloth and the troubled giant underneath all that makeup.

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