The Perfect Design: Products So Good There’s No Need to Improve Them


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perfectly designed products

Source: Getty Images | Pixabay

Nikola Tesla is credited with dozens of innovations and breakthroughs in the production and application of electrical power. Thomas Edison has 1,093 patents (singly or jointly) credited to his name. The men were innovative geniuses tirelessly working to find ways to improve life not just for themselves, but people the world over. While many of us can’t be Teslas or Edisons, we can still marvel at the design and innovation of new and old technologies. Some inventions take years to perfect through trial and error. Others are like the first burst of morning sunlight over the horizon, a magical moment of inspiration conjured seemingly out of nowhere. But when the invention hits that pinnacle and can’t be improved upon anymore, the creator knows then they have found one of the world’s perfectly designed products.

These inventions are the peak of engineering and their continued use today – and far after we’ve left this vast earthly plain – is proof that perfectly designed products do exist.