People Are Freaking Out About This Haunted Mental Asylum in Michigan That’s Up for Sale


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Tom Pidgeon via Detroit Free Press

In recent years, there have been huge steps forward in the advocacy of mental health in the U.S. Whatever the initiatives are, people are doing their part in bringing mental health out of the shadows.

But when it comes to mental institutions in America, there is a long and shocking history of them. Some of these were famous for mistreating guests and other shocking things. While most of these have been shut down, demolished, or repurposed, there is actually one that is still on the market – Eloise.


The former psychiatric hospital, which goes by “Eloise,” was so big that it actually has its own zip code. And for the small fee of $15 million, this giant building in Michigan can be yours. But when you learn why this place is up for sale, you might just be shocked beyond belief. However, before we get into why it is being sold, let’s take a look at the history of the building.

Ashley Woods via Detroit Free Press

Eloise was originally built in 1839 as a poorhouse and farm. But throughout the years, it became a complex and soon grew to 76 buildings. It even eventually grew to 900 acres, which was the size of a small city. And later on, this mini-city eventually became one of the biggest and most elaborate mental facilities in the entire country. The complex had its own police station, fire station, a cannery, cattle herds and many more assorted resources. This complex eventually held upwards of 12,000 patients who were suffering from moderate to severe mental illness.


And while the place now sits empty, there are tons of rumors swirling about, especially regarding the fact that some of the former residents that died here still haunt the location. Due to constraints of the budget though, Wayne County in Michigan is looking to sell a piece of this historic land. The process has been going on for a while, some of the area has been sold to Ford, and other parts have been converted into a golf course. But still, there is a portion of this terrifying complex that is up for sale. So why has it remained unsold for so long? Well, perhaps because it is insanely creepy and has quite a terrifying past. Likely dozens of people died here and the ones who didn’t die were said to be mistreated. People have experienced a wide array of terrifying paranormal activity while visiting the asylum. You can sometimes hear moans, screams, and even see bizarre things from time to time. All of these paranormal rumors have led this asylum to become famous for ghost hunters and explorers alike who want to experience a scare. And while some believe the place is unsellable due to its scary history, the bigger reason is likely because it costs millions of dollars and is kind of in the middle of nowhere. But for the right person, this 50 acres of land could be put to great use.
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