Forgotten Hollywood Scandals That Would Still Stun the World Today


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old Hollywood scandals

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If there’s one thing that can bring everyone together, it’s a scandal. Nothing seems to captivate the collective attention of the masses quite like a scandal. From nobodies to celebrities, if the tale is tawdry, devious, or sexual, you can bet that people will gobble it right up. And when we think of scandals, our minds are quick to go to two places: Washington, D.C. and Hollywood. While Washington scandals tend to end with someone in jail or resigning their post, Hollywood scandals are often less about breaking the law and more about breaking relationships. But that’s today. The tales of old Hollywood scandals are far and away more shocking and unbelievable than what we see today.

Relive some of the film industry’s forgotten past with the old Hollywood scandals that would stun the world today. The studios of the past had one thing in mind: box office receipts. If they thought something might get in the way of their returns, they’d go to great lengths to “fix” the problem. Tales of murder, the mob, and so much more punctuate these classic old Hollywood scandals. Do you remember any of these? SHARE the most shocking ones with your friends.