Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Sotheby’s Auctions


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Source: Flickr

RM Sotheby’s, a classic car auction company, has sold some of the most expensive cars ever sold at an auction house. Sothby’s offers the opportunity for car aficionados to own their very own luxurious classic car. Millions upon millions of dollars are willingly shelled out for these rare and nostalgic classics. From Ferraris to Aston Martins, a range of hundreds of models of diverse cars are displayed to a salivating audience of car enthusiasts. Through a series of bidding wars, wealthy clients from around the world gather to try their luck at winning the most timeless and ostentatious cars to add to their own collections.

Compiled is a list of the top 15 most expensive cars ever sold at Sotheby’s auction houses around the world. Viewer discretion is advised: may contain content that will shock you, make you jealous, or maybe induce a possible mid-life crisis.