This Is Where Military Vehicles Go to Die


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Source: YouTube/Grizzlypeak

Throughout the years, the U.S.A. has been in a number of armed conflicts and as a result, sent millions of soldiers to train and defend our country. And their soldiers can’t traverse the hostile and dangerous terrain just by walking, so thousands of military vehicles have been used over the years.

These range from cargo trucks to tanks, to transport vehicles and more. Without a doubt, these vehicles have helped the U.S.A. greatly in these conflict. But when these wars end and all the soldiers and cargo are brought home, what happens to these thousands of vehicles?


Well, of course, they bring them back home to the states, but then what? For most, this was largely a mystery, however, the Youtube channel “grizzlypeaks” helps shed some light on this mystery. A video posted on this channel takes us on a journey deep into the woods of California to a secluded area where there is a collection of military trucks that have been left alone to rust and decay in secrecy for decades. As the video goes on, the explorer ventured deeper and deeper into the woods and eventually comes to a clearing, where he is shocked to find a number of military vehicles, with a large number of them still intact. While not driveable most likely, you can still see what vehicles these are, which is impressive since some license plate registration stickers show these vehicles have been abandoned for at least 30 years. Not only does the explorer look at the outside of the vehicles, he even goes inside the cabins of them and looks under the hood and gives us a very close look at these amazing pieces of history. And in addition this military vehicle graveyard, there have to be hundreds of others like it all over the country, so get exploring!