The Largest Battle in the History of War Keeps Revealing Amazing Military Relics


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Throughout history, there have been a massive amount of military confrontations. These battles have been happening for hundreds and thousands of years, but one stands out as the biggest. The war on the Eastern Front (or, the Great Patriotic War) was the scene of the single biggest military confrontation in history.

This conflict began on June 22, 1941 and continued through to May 9, 1945 between the Germans and the Russians, spanning almost the entirety of World War 2. Over the four years of this battle, hundreds of army divisions clashed over more than 1,000 miles. The confrontation was originally caused when German and other joined forces of theirs crossed the nonaggression pact, and thus invaded the Soviet Union.


The war was extremely fierce and ferocious, with tons of casualties as well. In fact, during those four years of brutal battle, around 27 million Soviet troops lost their lives along with around 4 million German troops. But not only were the troops and each side harmed, but so were hundreds of villages and millions of civilians were displaced, deported and injured.

As the war progressed, tons of other countries and nations came to battle for both sides and as a result, each side had millions and millions of troops at their disposal. And while the Germans began the war with more than a million more troops than the Red Army and allied forces, by 1945 the allied forces outnumbered the German Axis fighters by more than three times, thus spelling the end of Nazi Germany. The area was also the site of nearly all extermination camps, ghettos and other horrific places, which basically made it the center of the Holocaust, which killed between six and 11 million Jewish individuals for nothing but being Jewish. To date, it is still probably the most horrific event in the history of the world.

All in all, just under half of the total deaths in World War II can be attributed to the Eastern Front. It was also seen by many as the main reason for Nazi Germany’s defeat and turned the Soviet Union into a major military and world power. And with a war this big happening over such a massive battlefield, it is not surprising that there were a lot of relics lost and buried during the conflict. Throughout the recent years and decades, hundreds and thousands of these different relics have been dug up and discovered throughout the more than 1,000 miles that the Eastern Front conflict covered. Even today, decades and decades since the confrontation, new discoveries are being made very often. And not only is there lots of discoveries, but they are almost always different things being discovered. While yes, there are tons of weapons and helmets discovered, there are also much more rare finds such as larger guns, vehicles, and much more. And while some may not agree with the selling of these items, they can, in fact, be bought from numerous sellers online. Here are some of the amazing items found in the area.


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