Just Wait Until You See What This Artistic Couple Did to Their Home


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When it comes to the topic of home design, anything goes. What one person or couple might love, someone else might hate. Some people might decide to go for a modern and sleek feel, while others might opt for an eccentric, colorful and abstract look.

But of all the various home designs we have seen over the years, few are as cool and unique as what Gonzalo Duran and Cheri Pan managed to do.


The couple bought their home in 1994 in order to build a massive art studio. But instead of just building an art studio, they also transformed the fairly hopeless and drab old home into a beautiful and one-of-a-kind house. Their house is located in Venice, California. When they first took possession of it, it was pretty beat down and wasn’t exactly the kind of project you go looking for. They decided that they wanted to give this home some new life in a spectacular way. When they were fiddling around with ideas for how to decorate their home, they began experimenting. During this exploration, they decided that broken tiles looked more interesting than ones that remained intact. They first discovered this with a few broken tiles in the bathroom. They thought broken tile looked very cool, and soon became obsessed with the decorative possibilities. Over the last 22 years, the couple has spent countless hours covering every square inch of their home with thousands upon thousands of colorful pieces of tile. Inside and out, their home is covered in tiles and it has made their house quite the tourist attraction. Even things like tables and beds are covered in these amazing tiles.


The best part about this is that both Pan and Duran contribute to their unique home as well. Pan does her part by making the clay tiles using cookie cutters to create some funky shapes. Duran prides himself on being quite the builder and he uses all the tools at his disposal to create exactly what the couple wants. There is no doubt that their passion for their home and art is visible through what they do when you take a closer look at it. When they originally bought the place, they knew it needed a lot of work. But since they were both artists in their own right, they were up to the challenge. Not only did they bring the home back to life, they turned it into probably the most unique home in the entire country. It truly is magical what they were able to accomplish.


The porch is perhaps one of the coolest places in the house as it looks like some kind of dream world. The tens of thousands of different tiles are beautiful on their own, and the way the sunlight reflects off of them adds an extra layer of beauty and uniqueness. This is a truly inspiring story about making your dreams and thoughts a reality, no matter how out of the box or unique they might be!
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