The Wackiest and Weirdest Before and After Photos on the Internet


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hilarious before and after photos


Time has a funny way of showing itself, especially across the internet. People with plenty of time on their hands find creative ways of crafting hilarious before and after photos that endlessly entertain and amuse. This is a collection of real-life photos, some of celebrities before and after their fame and some of brothers and sisters reenacting their family photo years later.

There are before photos of children who are so excited for their first day of school, but realize the reality all too soon in the after photo. Then there are the before and after photos that are completely concocted for personal enjoyment. Someone found a photo, did something to alter it, and posted the result — a humorous rendition of what it was before.

What if Barney decided to get in shape, or R2-D2 experimented with drugs? These hilarious before and after photos will quench your curiosity.

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