The Greatest Athlete From Every State in America


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greatest athlete from every state

Source: Getty Images

When you think of American athletes, often a professional team or a university comes to mind. But what about states? Where do the best athletes in American history come from? We’ve done the research and, after much debate, have picked the greatest athlete from every state in America. Don’t see your state on the list? Not to worry: We’re still in the process of completing the list, so make sure to come back frequently and check for updates.

We just know there will be plenty that you don’t agree with — after all, there’s no right answer! — so make sure to let us know what you think we got right, and what you think we got wrong. And what about your state? Did we pick the right athlete? We’re interested to hear if you agree. When you’re finished, make sure to SHARE this compilation with sports fans from sea to shining sea!