No Time for a Long Vacation? Take One of These Fabulous Day Trips


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great day trips

Source: Flickr/Grand Canyon National Park

We all lead busy lives, and planning a vacation – even for a week — can eat into your very valuable time. But what if you could just get away for the day? The world may not be your oyster, but there are many places where you can have a grand adventure in just one day. These great day trips run the gamut from exciting to historical to relaxing.

You can take advantage of what your city has to offer or hop on an early flight and make it a destination day trip. And by driving just an hour or two you may discover a new neighborhood — with an art or music scene — or history you never knew existed.

Here are some great day trips that you should consider taking if you can’t get away for an extended period of time. Let us know which ones we missed, and make sure to SHARE these with your travel-obsessed friends!