Remember the Most Famous Groupies in Music History?


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Source: Getty Images

Before the current generation of ‘Beliebers’ and ‘Swifties’ emerged, the Western world was dominated by Rock ‘n’ Roll’s famous groupies — young women who adored and serviced rock stars with zeal and enthusiasm. These mega fans reified the 60s and 70s mantra, “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll;” ordinary women got the chance to become intimate partners with history’s biggest musicians.

Controversy of course plays a crucial part in the phenomenon. Some of the fans were underage, relationships were marred by large age gaps, and illegal substances, such as cocaine and heroin, only amplified erratic behavior and fleeting passions. Albeit, many groupies shared the spotlight with their male counterparts becoming stars themselves. It is impossible to deny that their endeavors, no matter how reckless or hedonistic they be, were met with swelling amounts of fame and fortune. 

Beautiful, seductive, and notorious… here are the 15 most famous groupies of all time.