Dubai Is Wowing the Sky With New Picture-Frame Structure


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Dubai Frame

Source: Instagram @dubai/ @madefromdrone

Dubai is living up to its high standards of eye-catching architecture with its brand new monument.

The Dubai Frame sits high above the city at 492 feet. The enormous picture frame “represent[s] the aspirations of Dubai and its achievements.”


The decade-long project features an extensive panoramic view of the city, including the historic Burj Khalifa. The structure is outlined with a golden pattern that “mirrors the motif of the 2020 Expo.”
Many visitors have flocked to the giant picture frame to get a one-of-a-kind selfie. About 200 people come to see the structure each hour. The giant picture frame even features a glass sky bridge that tourists can walk across.
However, the “World’s Largest Picture Frame” is causing some controversy from the builders on the project. The original architect, Fernando Donis, had an unsuccessful attempt at suing the city, claiming “he was pushed out of the project and his intellectual property was stolen.”
While Donis was left out of the project, he was still happy to see it come to life when it was finalized.
It is fantastic to see it materialized,” Donis told The Guardian. “It seems to work on the skyline exactly as we proposed. Of course, we would like it to have been much more subtle, with less décor, but it does precisely what I wanted. I just would have loved to be part of it.” Would you walk across this giant structure? Please SHARE this with all of your adventurous friends!
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