‘Doctor Who’ Stars: Then and Now


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Source: unrealitytv.co.uk

Doctor Who is a cultural phenomenon. It’s been around for countless years, since it debuted in 1963 on the BBC. The premise of this show is out of this world about an alien that is a Time Lord called The Doctor. He goes through different worlds in a space vessel that looks like a blue telephone booth. This symbol has become quite a collectible piece for fans of the show. People around the world are obsessed with this very clever show. There are over 800 episodes of this sci-fi television juggernaut that’s made stars out of many actors who have been on the series over the years. The show even went off the air for a time period, but made a roaring comeback in 2005, to bring old fans and new ones back to the show.

Here are Doctor Who stars then and now that you might want to catch up with.


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