Definition of "zero-sum" []

  • Of or relating to a situation in which a gain is offset by an equal loss: ". . .under the zero-sum budgeting system that governs federal spending, the money for spinal research is likely to be deducted from some other research account” ( Daniel S. Greenburg). (adjective)
  • Relating to a situation in which one person's loss is equal to the other person's gain (adjective)

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Use "zero-sum" in a sentence
  • "Guy Bechor, a Mideast expert at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, said months of unrest in Syria can be expected as Assad's ruling Alawite minority battles protesters in what he called a "zero-sum game for both sides.""
  • "Johnson: Unfortunately now, I don't think we have the leadership either in the White House or the Congress to end what I call a zero-sum game mentality towards the U.S. economy."
  • "Such a game might be called zero-sum or purely “distributive.”"