Definition of "yse" []

  • An old spelling of ice. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "Northerly Seas are wholly congealed, making but one mas or contenent of yse, which is the more credible because the ordenary experience of our fishermen geueth vs sufficient notice thereof, by reason of the great quantitie of yse which they find to be brought vpon the cost of newefound land from those Northerne regions."
  • "What more miraculous thing may be told that fire which all things melts, should harden yse: and yse which is congeald with sencelesse cold, should kindle fyre by wonderfull deuyse."
  • "Plus, UK English ends its words in 'yse' (analyse) but in US English such words end in 'yze', as in analyze."
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