Definition of "yole" []

  • An obsolete variant of yawl.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "yole" in a sentence
  • "Wi her fingers reid raw wi the scrubbin oot a yole"
  • "With an old syrup can (to hold the bait) & a candle for a light pullars = peeler crabs - soft-shelled for bait boo = bow quine = quean (young woman) thole = endure yole = fishing yawl littlen = little one caaed sair deen = get up for work too early gran'est o 'yer gear = the best one might have loup = flip-flop qued = could bairn = child"
  • "Dan Howard's Carmagnole (pronounced karmen-yole), a Beneteau First 45, won Spinnaker-A class, although Bob Kettenhofen's Dare, a Beck 60, beat it boat for boat by more than 13 hours."
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