Definition of "yellow green" []

  • A shade of green tinged with yellow (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "yellow green" in a sentence
  • "This charming nympheum is the product of primitive nature, not to be imitated much less equalled by the united effort of human power and ingenuity! as we approach it by water, the mind of the enquiring traveller is previously entertained and gradually led on to greater discovery; first by a view of the sublime dark grove, lifted up on shore, by a range or curved chain of hills, at a small distance from the lively green verge of the river, on the East banks; as we gently descend floating fields of the Nymphea nilumbo, intersected with vistas of the yellow green Pista stratiotes, which cover a bay or cove of the river opposite the circular woodland hills."
  • "It was green, green, green -- the blue-green of the springing year, and sere and yellow green and tawny-brown green of autumn."
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