Definition of "yawled" []

  • To howl, weep, or scream harshly; yowl (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "yawled" in a sentence
  • "So they softened down and said it was all right; and when we got to the village they yawled us ashore."
  • "He garred it rattle like the thunder at Hewy White's theatre; then he yawled, an 'hooed, an' growled like five hunder cats an 'as mony dogs wirryin' them, an 'a' the fowk"
  • "The parrot cracked his beak against the cage's bars and yawled:"
  • "An old man, a very old man, sat on an upturned clamhod and yawled a discordant miserere on a fiddle."
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