Definition of "yardstick" []

  • A graduated measuring stick one yard in length. (noun)
  • A test or standard used in measurement, comparison, or judgment. See Synonyms at standard. (noun)
  • A measure or standard used for comparison (noun)

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  • A graduated stick, one yard long, used for measurement (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "yardstick" in a sentence
  • "I got involved because I think people shouldn't be denied access to opportunity based on criteria that have nothing to do with their abilities -- whether the yardstick is the color of their skin or the economic circumstances of their parents (or, of course, their gender)."
  • "I was responding to the statement that English speakers don't like Spanish speakers and trying to convey that Americans who judge everything by a certain yardstick just don't understand what they are seeing when they see illegals doing certain things."
  • "And the $7.2 million yardstick is short, too, because in many cases “those killed in Iraq were young men and women in peak physical condition, at the beginning of their working lives."