Definition of "y-fronts" []

  • Boys' or men's underpants having a front opening within an inverted Y shape (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "y-fronts" in a sentence
  • "His belt's loose, and you can see Mr. Nice Guy wears blue y-fronts with red trim."
  • "The shrill echo of the phone in the hall brings him thundering down the stairs and as he stands there in his string vest and y-fronts he begins to shake."
  • "As Fatman rescues some civic function with his super human powers, the caped boy Hennigan, y-fronts, cock and beer bottle on display, could take photos and send the press release off to the Rochdale Obscurer."
  • "I would have thought good old fashioned white y-fronts!"
  • "Edwina Curry on Radio Wales just now makes a fair point about Chris Bryant MP and the posting of the "self-portrait in y-fronts" on the internet."