Definition of "xerophilous" []

  • Flourishing in or adapted to a dry hot environment. (adjective)
  • (of plants or animals) adapted for growing or living in dry surroundings (adjective)

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  • "Forest remnants consist primarily of Quercus persica and, up to an elevation of 2,400m, xerophilous forest of Quercus spp., hawthorn (Crataegus), almond (Prunus amygdalus), nettle tree (Celtis) and pear (Pyrus spp) predominates."
  • "The dunes and strand support only a few species of xerophilous herbaceous plants and are characteristically unwooded."
  • "In the desert coastal areas of western Venezuela, mangrove forests are associated with xerophilous littoral scrubs, and halophilous and psammophilous littoral meadows."
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