Definition of "xeromorphic" []

  • Of or relating to any of the structural adaptations characteristic of xerophytes, such as water-storing stems or leaves. (adjective)
  • (of plants or plant parts) having characteristics that serve as protection against excessive loss of water (adjective)

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Use "xeromorphic" in a sentence
  • "In needles from mature subarctic Scots pine, enhanced UV-B radiation levels induced xeromorphic (change in plant anatomy to enhance drought resistance) characteristics, including smaller epidermal area and enhanced development of the cuticle layer [29]."
  • "Much of this humid rain forest ecoregion has a high canopy (30 to 40 meters (m), with emergents to 50 m), but the region is broken by low canopy (less than 20 m) summer-dry forest with mesophyllous, semidecidous, and xeromorphic elements, and some open campos, or meadows;."
  • "Species in the latter two biomes show xeromorphic adaptations to extreme high altitude conditions."
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