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Definition of "xenarthrans" []

  • Plural form of xenarthran. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "xenarthrans" in a sentence
  • "Seventy-two species of mammals occur in this ecoregion including four marsupials, seventeen chiropterans, five xenarthrans, seventeen carnivores, two artiodactyls, and twenty rodents."
  • "This is called the ungual crest and helps anchor the keratinous covering of the claw onto the ungual: it's present in some sloths and anteaters too, and outside of xenarthrans is seen in cats."
  • "Armadillo skeletons - like those of all xenarthrans - are so weird and unfamiliar to us euarchontogliran laurasiatheres that it would be easy to write thousands of words on their weirdness."
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