Definition of "x-rated" []

  • Having a rating of X; not suitable for children; broadly, obscene or sexually explicit. (adjective)
  • (formerly, in Britain) (of a film) considered suitable for viewing by adults only (adjective)

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  • Involving bad language, violence, or sex (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "x-rated" in a sentence
  • "With the furore surrounding x-rated challenges how ironic that Arsenal, the flag-bearers for pure football, should find themselves forced to deny they are a "dirty" team, following this fractious encounter that was decided by a Marouane Chamakh second-half strike."
  • "Against her: She got a little too into the x-rated outfits from the sex shop."
  • "Some parts feel like an x-rated, updated, Blaxploitation screenplay."