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Definition of "wreck-wood" [wreck-wood]

  • Wood or timber from wrecked vessels. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "wreck-wood" in a sentence
  • "The naked spots of the two islands are hideous in their sterility: melancholy bits of wreck-wood their only relief, save for one or two grotesque beacons, and, most bizarre of all, a great church-tower, standing actually in the water, on the north side of Wangeroog, a striking witness to the encroachment of the sea."
  • "The squalid building, partly constructed of wreck-wood, could scarce house the party."
  • "I blew a little upon the mist, so that one could see the hut; it was a house built of wreck-wood and covered with walrus-skins—the fleshy side turned outwards."