Definition of "worked-out" []

  • To achieve or accomplish by effort (verb)
  • To solve or find out by reasoning or calculation (verb)
  • To devise or formulate (verb)
  • To prove satisfactory or effective (verb)
  • To happen as specified (verb)
  • To take part in physical exercise, as in training (verb)
  • To remove all the mineral in (a mine, body of ore, etc) that can be profitably exploited (verb)
  • To reach a total (verb)
  • To understand the real nature of (verb)
  • A session of physical exercise, esp for training or practice (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "worked-out" in a sentence
  • "The complex structure works beautifully, communicating the shared and interlocking sufferings of the Raikes women through its carefully worked-out layering of narrative lines."
  • "I thought the “twist” was well worked-out in the numerous details."
  • "A middle-aged heroine and worked-out imaginary paganism set this book apart from run-of-the-sword medievalesque fantasy."
  • "I thought the “twist” was well worked-out in the numerous details."
  • "These sentiments may seem both lofty and vague, but the most successful exhibits here are, for the most part, those which have attempted to engage with this debate, whether conceptually or with fully worked-out models and proposals."