Definition of "work of art" [work of art]

  • A product of the fine arts, especially a painting or sculpture. (noun)
  • Something likened to a fine artistic work, as by reason of beauty or craft. (noun)

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Use "work of art" in a sentence
  • "Every pedestal that held a golden vase of peacock feathers or a priceless work of art was chryselephantine—delicately carved ivory inlaid with gold."
  • "Andy, an eager six-year-old, arrives home proudly unfurling his tatteredmasterpiece, a richly textured, unintentionally abstract work of art whose provocative pigmentation resembles a montage of chunky peanut butter and lumpy marinara sauce."
  • "Yutaka pours more cold sake into my cup, a small work of art in itself with frothy air bubbles suspended like jewels in the depths of the thick glass."