Definition of "withal" []

  • In addition; besides: "And, withal, a wider publicity was given to thought-provoking ideas” ( Holbrook Jackson). (adverb)
  • Despite that; nevertheless. (adverb)
  • Archaic Therewith. (adverb)
  • Archaic With. Used after its object at the end of a sentence or clause. (preposition)
  • As well; likewise (adverb)

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  • Nevertheless (adverb)
  • Therewith (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "withal" in a sentence
  • "There are dreadful little booths beside the path, for the sale of photographs and _immortelles_ -- I don't know what one is to do with the immortelles -- where you are offered a brush dipped in tar to write your name withal on the rocks."
  • "And great gifts to the earl of Lyngi and a word withal he sent,"
  • "But before both the Bird - and Worm-men began their journey, the Empress commanded the Bearmen to view through their Telescopes what Towns and Cities those were that would not submit; and having a full information thereof, she instructed the Bird - and Bear-men what Towns they should begin withal; in the mean while she sent to all the Princes and soveraigns of those Nations, to let them know that she would give them a proof of her Power, and check their Obstinacies by burning some of their smaller Towns; and if they continued still in their Obstinate Resolutions, that she would convert their smaller Loss into a Total Ruin. she also commanded her Bird-men to make their flight at night, lest they be perceived."
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