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Definition of "wine-skin" [wine-skin]

  • A vessel for holding wine, made of the nearly complete skin of a goat, hog, or other quadruped, with the openings of the legs, neck, etc., secured. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "wine-skin" in a sentence
  • "Ah yes! in vain; but still I could not bear to leave him thus; and so I added this to my journey that I sought his grave, and, falling thereupon, wept o'er its desolation; then did I open the wine-skin, my gift to thy guests, and poured a libation, and set myrtle-sprigs round the tomb."
  • "Come, stranger, bring the wine-skin hither and hand it over to me."
  • "But how does a god like being housed in a wine-skin?"