Definition of "wild" [wild]

  • (adjective) Occurring, growing, or living in a natural state; not domesticated, cultivated, or tamed: wild geese; edible wild plants.
  • (adjective) Not inhabited or farmed: remote, wild country.
  • (adjective) Uncivilized or barbarous; savage.
  • (adjective) Lacking supervision or restraint: wild children living in the street.
  • (adjective) Disorderly; unruly: a wild scene in the school cafeteria.
  • (adjective) (of animals) living independently of man; not domesticated or tame
  • (adjective) (of plants) growing in a natural state; not cultivated
  • (adjective) uninhabited or uncultivated; desolate
  • (adjective) living in a savage or uncivilized way
  • (adjective) lacking restraint
  • (adjective) of great violence or intensity
  • (adjective) disorderly or chaotic
  • (adjective) dishevelled; untidy
  • (adjective) in a state of extreme emotional intensity
  • (adjective) reckless
  • (adjective) not calculated; random
  • (adjective) unconventional; fantastic; crazy
  • (adjective) intensely enthusiastic or excited
  • (adjective) (of a card, such as a joker or deuce in some games) able to be given any value the holder pleases
  • (adverb) in a wild manner
  • (noun) a desolate, uncultivated, or uninhabited region

Use "wild" in a sentence

  • "The African species exists only in a wild state; and it would appear that individuals of this kind have been measured having the dimensions of the largest of the _wild_ Asiatic elephants."
  • "This animal (whose name is sometimes written "huanaca," though the pronunciation is the same with "guanaco" or "guanaca") is larger than the llama, and for a long time was considered merely as the wild llama, or the llama _run wild_, in which you will perceive an essential distinction."
  • "For all that, it was a wild boar, or rather a boar _ran wild_."

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