Definition of "wielded" [wielded]

  • (verb) Simple past tense and past participle of wield.

Use "wielded" in a sentence

  • "ICE has said that this year - even after the news of Guerrier's death - its goal is to deport 700 Haitian "criminal aliens", a term wielded to prevent the public from distinguishing murderers from traffic-law violators, and drug-users from people charged with crimes but never convicted."
  • "That aside, I am more than a little worried that the Commerce Clause seems to be once again wielded as a tool of force by Congress rather than as an instrument to ensure commercial fairness between the states as I (personally) believe it was intended."
  • "But the sharpness of the words being wielded is causing the fight to be not about those issues, but instead about … well, the fight itself."

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