Definition of "white-tailed" []

  • Having the tail more or less completely white: noting various birds and other animals.
  • A deer, Odocoileus virginianus, of North America and N South America: the coat varies in colour, being typically reddish-brown in the summer, and the tail is white (noun)

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Use "white-tailed" in a sentence
  • "If Scotland isn't becoming entirely the nature reserve of the UK, then it's certainly its lungs – the successes with sea and white-tailed eagles, red grouse are great, but we need to do more for conservation, encouraged by these successes."
  • "Like every unpaved acre in this part of the world, our property harbors an ever-growing herd of white-tailed deer, and is thus infested with the little Lyme disease – carrying arachnids."
  • "We have identified prion protein variants in the white-tailed deer population and demonstrated that Prnp genotype affects the susceptibility/disease progression of white-tailed deer to CWD agent."