Definition of "white-necked" [white-necked]

  • Having a white neck: specifying various animals: as, the white -necked raven, Corvus cryp toleveus, a small raven found in western parts of the United States, having the concealed bases of the feathers of the neck fleecy-white; the white-necked or chaplain crow, Corvus scapulatus; the white-necked otary, an Australian eared seal.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "white-necked" in a sentence
  • "This area is home to several endangered and endemic birds, including the white-necked parakeet, coppery-chested jacamar, and bicoloured antvireo."
  • "Two seabirds with restricted breeding ranges, the providence petrel (Pterodroma solandri) and white-necked petrel (P. cervicalis) have been reported breeding on Philip Island."
  • "Status of white-necked picathartes – another reason for the conservation of the Peninsula forest, Sierra Leone."