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Definition of "whippoorwills" [whippoorwills]

  • Plural form of whippoorwill. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "whippoorwills" in a sentence
  • "Some other birds on the declining list are Chuck-wills-widows (aka whippoorwills) and nighthawks."
  • "One comes from some kind of bird squawking; another I happen to know is a night heron looking for a supper along the water's edge; then I suppose coons squabble when they meet, trailing over half sunken logs; a bobcat calls to its mate; the owls tune up; chuckwillswidows, the same birds that we call whippoorwills up North, you know, keep a whooping all the time; and there are all sorts of other noises that might stand for anything."
  • "She called out to him several times but there was no sound except for the whippoorwills with their evening song."